Daily Angel Tarot Card Reading – 15th February 2014

Hello! I hope you had a brilliant double Valentine’s Day. It only happens every 19 years where the Chinese “Valentine’s Day” (Yuan Shao) coincided with the western Valentine’s Day. Pretty cool huh?

So yesterday I had “Four of Earth” and “Fiona and the Unicorn”. I was very tired and I really couldn’t think much about anything. Throughout the day, I was just trying to upload videos and photos of the day before, and feeling extremely tiring.

I went to the Lantern Festival after my date fell through. Ran into my friend who then told me about a job that is coming up. He is leaving the job and there maybe an opportunity for me to pick up the job. It maybe a good thing for me as I am only looking for part time jobs.

And while I don’t know if I was necessarily the angel, or he was, but I felt loved last night. I had the biggest hug from my friend whom I treat as sister. A little overwhelming when she did it but it was very nice.

As for the “Fiona”, I can see more visions last night at the Festival. I was trying to avoid someone but I told my guide(s) I want him to see me. And I think he did. Even at a very quick glance, I can see what he was wearing, what he looked like, and how he felt. I know he can see me. I can see him see me. In a split second, I saw more than I thought happened. Wow.

And for the cards for 15th Feb…

Six of Water


My interpretation: “Two young mermaids swimming happily in the water. I saw sea, water, wave, as I move toward an island with sea gulls flying. Serenity. Happy comfortable moment.”

The ‘Official’ interpretation: “Memories from your personal history or childhood have resurfaced for a reason. Perhaps there’s an old issue you still need to resolve, or your memories could be a sign of what’s yet to come. You may reconnect with friends or romantic partners from the past. New acquaintances may feel like familiar old friends because of karmic connections.

The effect of children on this situation could be important. Childlike innocence or lack of guilt is also indicated by this card.

Additional meaning of this card: Inheritance. Gifts. Reunions. Sharing. Kindness to or from others. Romanticizing the past.”

Snake Princess


My interpretation: “It is the story of Adam and Eve? Look how she is carrying an apple with the snake? The snake is, according to the Bible, the devil. But for some, he is also the path to wisdom as he gave Adam and Eve the ability to question. The apple she is holding on is bright, shining, and looks like it is a gift. Is she going to be ‘enlightened’? Something is going to become more clear an apparent to her?”

The ‘Official’ interpretation: “About Snake Princess: Associated with the goddess, worshipped in the matriarchal cultures of Minoa, and venerated by many people, including the Hop, the snake is life itself. It is the marriage of the heavens and the earth, and it symbolizes the union of masculine and feminine. The snake is your spine, your DNA, and your nervous system; it is the ancient serpent kundalini knowledge that has been denied for over two thousand years and now returns.

It may be time for you to carry a staff, a sacred tool around which the snake mother can twin and speak with you. You deserve to let this energy flow into you, for it is the ultimate energy of rebirth. It is time for you to shed the skin of fear and conditioning, yet to use still your own wits. The snake will support you intelligent, and the goddess will support your true self-love and acknowledgement. You are about to receive knowledge of healing, of ancient times, of the beauty of what lies beneath – the underworld, with all its wisdom of crystals, minerals, and ancient worlds. Speak and show who you are. You will not bite. You will grow strong. You will not poison. You will inform us all with your brightness and illuminated apple, which when opened will reveal the five star seeds of wisdom. Do not refuse this apple. Do not heed the fear. Transform and heal. The propaganda about the snake and the serpent goddess has led us to fear this creature and our deep, wise, ancient self, and to forego many blessed forms of connecting with the divine and with our own DNA.

Snake Princess Speaks: I am not Eve. Before there was anything at all, there I was. From me all things come, an to me all these things will return. I am the tongue of the world and the one whose eyes never shut upon your existence. I give birth to the cosmic egg, and from that, creation pours. […] The snake and the serpent are your ancient wisdom, your instinctual knowledge, and your belief that you, as a human being, are good enough, born innocent, and have no need of carrying this burden of sins anymore.

Divination: You are being healed and given guidance from the serpent goddess, who is the originator of all life. You are a keeper of the old ways. You are one who cannot flee these changes, and so you must use your power with great discrimination and precision. […] This is a wonderful time to learn ritual dance, to explore what skin it is you must shed, to observe the rites of ancient cultures, and to acknowledge that you too are one of the people of the serpent. […] You are also able to communicate with the dead, a talent of the very wise and, some say, the very brave. Please explore this talent if this card comes forth, as an ancestor is willing to share great knowledge with you. With this knowledge you will be free and will generate the ancient secrets kept hidden too long. You are strong enough. Worthy enough.”

The general manage I received from these cards? A rebirth, a new life, child-like abilities, carefree. The Snake Princess for me sounds like 女媧 (Nuwa), an ancient Chinese goddess of mythology that is half human half snake, best known for her role in creating mankind and restoring the walls of heaven.

Is today a day of new beginnings?


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