Reflections and Pathway to Spirits

As I am being developed by Brigid Curran on my path to spirituality, we have been learning a lot about people as well as spirituality. I would like to share this message from Brigid’s Facebook Page.


We are amping up for the Event on the 20th and I would like to take a moment to share what I have noticed during my time as a mentor in all this madness!

Last night, there were some wonderful breakthroughs, as with Monday’s group. All of you, and you know who you are. You are all amazing light workers.

With this fast moving world and technology we are always wanting more. The faster the better. We meet people and make assumptions, judgements and we stick with them, if we want confirmation we go to Google and from what is read we base our decisions on that, good, bad or otherwise. We buy cards, be it tarot, alchemy and we read the book and use that as our ‘bible’.

We allow someone elses opinion to guide us.

How many times have you said to yourself. I knew that! But decided to do the complete opposite, because someone told you, or you read it?

I am proud to say, since working with these development groups, I have learnt alot about human behaviour vs Spiritual behaviour. A developed soul is a person who does not look at the face value of someone, nor goes onto google to clarify or see if the person they meet is interesting enough to be in their world. Or read a book on what a card means. I am amazed how many times I hear “I googled you” I wonder for what reason?

For whatever reason a Developed Soul is a person who only needs to connect into Spirit. Through connecting with your higher power, you do not need google to understand the person you have met. You have the ability to read through the masks, the inner core, the soul. What a gift!!
Imagine a world where everyone could connect into the soul of the person they meet. You would feel the love, you would be able to help take those masks off. Oh my goodness, we would live in a world of undertanding and love!

I am so proud of Monday and Tuesdays Group who do not use google but use their source. And the beauty of using your higher power. We never have to carry a charger around! Well done all!

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